Will Your Super Be Enough To Fund Your Retirement? 

How are you planning to fund your retirement? 

It’s not going to be anything spectacular if you’re relying solely on the pension or base Super 

The Great Australian Dream was always to work hard, buy your own home, and then one day retire and live well.
Today, the pension sits at:  

  • $413.10 per week if you are single or;
  • $622.80 per week if you are a couple.

But then, there’s Super, supposedly the golden egg!

With the average superannuation balances at age of 64 being approximately $270,710 for men and $157,050 for women. This would give men a weekly income of $630 and women $488 based on life expectancy of 82 and 85 years respectively.
That golden egg isn’t looking quite so golden.

So what do you do?
Start thinking, start planning.

At our upcoming property investing workshop, we will teach you how to think outside the box to create your very own Plan B:
It could cost you as little as $100 per week to build a retirement nest egg that will be a great supplement to your Super.

Please join us to find out more and register now.

Let’s work together and build your nest egg. You’re never too young or too old to start planning your future 


Seating is limited and our last event sold out, so register now.
 If you can't make it to the Lunch & Learn, please contact me to arrange a time to meet or chat over the phone.  

Event Details

Tuesday  14th August  2018

Start time 12.30 pm to 1.30pm

The Executive Centre, 26th Floor

One Bligh Street

 1 Bligh St 

 Sydney NSW 2000

*Lunch provided*