Founder & Managing Director

Peter Gordon started out like many of his clients with a wish to own a property. I didn’t have big dreams of building a portfolio. I just took that first step and purchased one property. From that moment, I fell in love with property. I read books, went to seminar’s, and spoke to other investors. Over time I purchased my second, third and fourth properties and so began my story, my journey.

As the Founder of Investo Property my passion is property investing and helping to educate other people like you on how, why, and where to invest.

I believe in teaching clients the importance of cash flow, cash buffer and time. Then utilizing the benefits available through our taxation system to build a customized plan, based on a solid strategy and your goals. Investing has to be based on your goals, by finding the right balance based on your income, lifestyle and affordability.

“So set goals, have the right strategy and build an investment plan that suits you”

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Client Liasion Manager

Sue Anderson is the Client Liaison Manager and manages the back end and heart of our client’s investments. Always having an eye on the detail, making sure the purchase of your investment property is seamless from start to finish. From placing an expression of interest to purchase your investment property, through to liaising with your finance brokers, solicitors, accountants, builders/developers, research houses, handover companies, quantity surveyors, to ensuring your property manager has all the information required to lease your investment.

Sue is passionate about customer service for our clients. Her planning and processes are there to assist you and ensure your journey as a property investor meets all of your expectations.

“Property is a big investment, but having the right team and processes in place will ensure that you as an investor have made the right choice in working with Investo”

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a    Level 25/88 Phillip St, Sydney, NSW 2000