The value of levies

Thursday, 20th March 2014

We were recently talking to Sean Bermingham from Strata Title Management about levies and here are his thoughts. “Property owners regularly question why levies are going up or money is being spent on their strata property. The answer is, to maintain the value of your property.  I know we all begrudge paying levies however the thing that we hate most about owning or living in strata is also the most important and can bring us the most benefit in the long run. When it comes time to sell, a well maintained property is going to attract more interest which generally results in more purchaser competition and better end price for you. Poorly maintained properties tend to attract more tyre kickers who are more interested in lowball offers which they justify using the state of the property.”

“The moral of the story is pay your levies and maintain your property as it will reward you in the long run.”

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