Big infrastructure announcements for Toowoomba and what it means for property investing

Thursday, 10th July 2014

In her article Massive development spending lures investors to family owned Toowoomba companies Sophie Foster from the Courier Mail talks about the fact that Toowoomba will now see billions of dollars more investment than anticipated six months ago.

Some of the key highlights from the article are;

  • More than $11 billion in total development spending is going into the area.
    • Proposed projects for the region include the Melbourne to Brisbane Inland Rail Project and a new Bunnings Store, totalling more than $5.8 billion.
    • Projects currently underway totalled more than $3.5 billion.
    • Projects approved and awaiting commencement totalled more than $2.1 billion.
    • No other regional city, nor capital city for that matter, will be able to boast the amount of infrastructure development occurring in Toowoomba

Toowoomba also gets good marks from us across a number of other property investing indicators.

  • It is a hub for much of the production that happens West of Brisbane. With over 50 per cent of the goods emanating to and from the Port of Brisbane are from Toowoomba and West.
    • The region supports a range of industries, including agriculture, manufacturing and mining services amongst others. This makes it less prone to the boom and bust cycles of Queensland’s other major towns
    • The increase in infrastructure spending also leads to an increase in employment as Chris Calcino points out in his article Bypass to bring 1,800 jobs and with an unemployment rate of just 4.2% people are going to move into the area. This will create a need for housing and with rental vacancy rate currently running at 1.2% this means demand for housing will be high.

Toowoomba is a physically beautiful place with some fantastic opportunities minutes from schools, childcare, Wilsonton Shopping Centre, St. Andrews Hospital and the Toowoomba Airport. 

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