Tips for long term property investing

Sunday, 29th March 2015

Here is a nice article from Cathy Wever on Domain. The story looks at Daniel Keely, a 29 year old property investor from Melbourne, who over the past 10 years has successfully grown a portfolio of investment properties.

Daniel’s approach reflects many of the fundamentals we talk about.

He was careful to pick properties that were well supported by infrastructure such as public transport. In fact he had a rule that the transport must be within 400m.

Daniel focused on cash flow, making sure that he is using as little of his own money each week to support each property.

And, finally, he started early which means he will be in the market for the long terms which gives him every opportunity to see his properties maximise their long term potential.

It is a nice read and gives you an example of what someone has already achieved in their property investing journey.

If you have a question or would like to know more about building your property portfolio I would love to talk to you